Spartan Pistol 350

Outline:  Through instruction and live fire drills we will cover these areas and more:

  • Safety
  • Considerations/mental preparedness
  • Draw technique review/refinement
  • Multiple targets, multiple shots, moving target review
  • Reloading efficiently, reloading on the move, using cover
  • One hand reload and malfunction clearing
  • Drawing and shooting while on the move
  • Controlling space and momentum
  • Close quarters defense
  • Shooting without aiming
  • Dynamic shooting situations
  • Dynamic pistol control
  • Shooting under duress
  • ~3 hour course

Description:  Fast paced live fire oriented training for advanced shooters.  Strong emphasis on drawing, moving, and reloading.  Dynamic drills designed to maximize reality by incorporating situation analysis while implementing advanced skills (as would be the case in a real life situation).  This training course will build your ability to think critically in a shooting situation and improve your muscle memory for efficient response.  Course takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Requirements:  Tactical Pistol 250 or at least 700 rounds of practice (including practice drawing from holster).  Pistol and holster with protective trigger guard.  150 rounds of ammo.  Two magazines.  Belt attachable spare magazine holder.  Dress appropriate for weather (rain, heat, etc).  Clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.  Shoes with grip.  Bring snack and water.  Eye/Ear protection (if you do not have eye/ear protection it will be provided).  $65 cash donation for private lesson.  

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Please download legal waiver, print, read, sign and bring to course.  Click to open Legal Waiver