Private Lessons

Oregon Firearm Defense offers private lessons to meet your scheduling needs.  Custom hourly lessons can be tailored to deliver personalized training at your request.  We are happy to create a custom lesson based on the skills you desire to improve or learn.

Private lessons can either be booked by the course (example: Pistol Basics 101) or by the hour (two hour minimum).  Private lesson rates are as follows:

  • 2 hours -$50 cash donation
  • 3 hours -$65 cash donation
  • 4 hours -$75 cash donation
  • 5 hours -$80 cash donation

Private lesson hours:

  • 7am-9pm Monday-Friday
  • 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday

Browse our course outlines and pick the instruction segments you desire.  Contact us and we will design a lesson based on your specified time and instruction preference.