Our public service is being offered to the community to teach safe practice in firearm use.  We believe that all firearm owners should have training using their firearm.  We feel this can increase public safety.  Aside from the practicality of self-defense; shooting is a fun sport, a great way to bond with family/friends, and a hobby one can enjoy their entire life.

Our courses have been developed with input from a Vietnam veteran with front line combat experience.  We have incorporated his mentality of survival and advice directly into our lessons.  Our courses are built on reality.

Special discounts available for: family, groups, military, and law enforcement.

Our instructors have a passion for firearms and self-defense training.  They have decades of experience as avid shooters.  Our mission is safety and teaching as much as possible while having fun.

Our instructors are here to help you become a better marksman in a friendly welcoming way.  Unlike many firearms dealers/instructors with the “I’m a tough guy, you’re not worthy” attitude, you will find our instructors to be the total opposite.  We are happy that you are interested in firearms and even more happy that you desire to improve your skills.  You will be treated in a spirit of brotherhood and respect at all times.  We seek to improve shooting culture and community bonds as part of our mission.

Our courses present a lot of information which the student will be able to utilize for further training on their own (course outline notes are provided).  Do not expect to be an expert shooter after  one 3 hour lesson, instead expect to gain proper training technique to speed up your learning and gain proper muscle memory.  We will provide some training techniques you can implement at home for free (dry fire drills).

We offer private lessons for the highest level of personalized training.

Our courses are offered to the communities of Eugene, Salem, Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon and the surrounding areas.

We have designed courses to benefit shooters of all levels.  Basic courses will instill solid shooting fundamentals.  Our advanced training utilizes dynamic drills (changing circumstances determined by instructor) which results in superior training.

Privacy:  We will never share your information.  We respect your privacy and uphold confidentiality 100%.

Oregon Firearm Defense supports the United States of America, our Government, Law Enforcement, and Laws.  Our training is specifically designed to be used for target shooting or self-defense only.  Any client who jokes or comments about aggressive actions towards any individual will be required to leave training (we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone).  We are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice of any kind.  Our opinions should not be construed as legal advice.  Students will be required to sign a legal waiver prior to starting instruction.  Click to open Legal Waiver

Train often, train realistically, train with the proper mentality.