Advanced Pistol 301

Outline:  Through instruction and live fire drills we will cover these areas and more:

  • Safety
  • Considerations/Mental preparedness
  • Technique review/refinement
  • Reloading efficiently
  • Shooting from ground and using cover
  • Shooting while on the move
  • Defensive maneuvers
  • Drawing and shooting
  • Shooting without aiming
  • Dynamic shooting situations
  • Shooting under duress
  • 5 hour course

Description:  Advanced pistol training for proficient shooters looking for real world training.  Scenario based training with a focus on home defense, tactical defense, and concealed carry defense.  Building efficiency, situational awareness, and muscle memory to perform under duress.  This course presents a fun challenge for experienced shooters who are already confident in their shooting fundamentals.  Approximately five-hour course.

Requirements:  Pistol Home Defense 150, Intermediate Pistol 201, Tactical Pistol 250, or at least 500 rounds of practice (you need to be solid in fundamental pistol skills prior to taking this course).  Pistol and holster with protective trigger guard (IWB holster recommended).  350 rounds of ammo.  Two magazines.  Belt attachable spare magazine holder recommended.  Dress appropriate for weather (rain, heat, etc).  Be ready to get dirty.  Shoes with grip.  Bring lunch and water.  Eye/Ear protection (if you do not have eye/ear protection it will be provided).  $150 cash donation for private lesson.

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Please download legal waiver, print, read, sign and bring to course.  Click to open Legal Waiver