Responsibility: Why We Train.

I have come across people who do not understand the purpose of firearm training courses or even the concept of firearm training (oddly enough some of these people are gun store owners! yikes).  The explanation is not very complicated.  Although people may train for a few different reasons the overlying aspect is a desire to become better at operating their firearm as a tool.  A firearm is a tool that can be used for having fun at the range, competition shooting, and defense.  People train to improve one or all of these functions.

Some people train because they want to feel more comfortable to safely operate their firearm at the shooting range.  Understanding how to use their firearm safely allows them to better enjoy the sport of shooting and ensure friends/family also stay safe at the range.

Others train to become as fast and accurate as possible for competition shooting as an organized sport.  They are seeking tips and tricks to improve speed and performance to win matches.

Most importantly, firearm training of any kind relates to better preparation to defend one’s self and loved ones.  The world we live in is one of beauty and wonder, true.  However, it would be unwise to think there are not bad people with evil intentions who exist within our society.  Bad things happen to good people all the time.  Many terrible things happen everyday that are not reported on National news.  This is a cold hard fact of life that we must understand and be prepared to deal with.

When the good people of our society train to defend from the bad people, we as a society become safer and better off.  Relying on law enforcement to protect you is not a good choice.  Police are great and do their job well but how likely is it that an officer is going to be right there when you need him?  Even if an officer is present, the bad guy will certainly target that officer first which has happened many times.  You must rely on your self and your training.

Through training you are making yourself a force multiplier in society.  If things take a turn for the worse you will be prepared to respond efficiently to protect the good citizens.  When you are trained, your wife is trained and your children are trained; your family unit is prepared for survival rather than victimization.  The man of the house should be trained as the protector no doubt.  In addition it is smart to have our wives trained for when they are taking the kids around town on their own.  We must be smart and vigilant in our preparation.  Whenever we leave the house we should be confident that we can protect ourselves.  We must also keep that mind state within our homes.

Firearm training is a responsibility of all gun owners.  We must take this responsibility upon ourself since there is no mandated training required when buying a gun.  It is up to us and our prudent efforts to learn to use our tool properly.

No, this blog is not just a sales pitch for my business.  It is sincere.  Wether you get training from Oregon Firearm Defense or from another outfit is up to you.  My main point is that you should invest in training because having organized training will greatly speed up your skills as opposed to learning as you go on your own.  You can speed $300 on 1,000 rounds and hardly improve your technique without instruction.  For $85 you can shoot 100 rounds with 3 hours of instruction and have solid fundamental skills which will make you a much better marksman.  The $65 spent on Pistol Basics 101 will pay huge dividends by the time you shoot 1,000 rounds, you will become a force multiplier capable of defending your ground.  The choice is clear.