What Are Dynamic Firearm Training Drills?

Dynamic drills are drills with changing circumstances (non-predetermined).  Dynamic drills require a training partner or instructor to be implemented.  The purpose of dynamic drills is to engage the brain during the exercise.  Dynamic drills force the shooter to analyze the situation while performing the required tasks to engage the target.    This form of training offers the most realistic simulation in responding to a threat.  Dynamic training is essential for home defense or any advanced defense training.  In a defensive situation it is imperative that the defender analyze the situation, stay level headed (control their mind), and perform physical actions with muscle memory.  Practicing these things will teach the shooter to master their shooting techniques and their mind.  This is why having a training partner or instructor is critical to superior training.

There are many ways to turn a regular drill into a dynamic drill.  I will give a few examples.  You can label multiple targets with numbers and then have your training partner call out the order to engage the targets using the numbers; example: 3, 1, 2 -then the shooter would engage targets labeled 3, 1, 2 in order.  Another variation is to use math to call out the number; example: 15 minus 12 -then the shooter would engage target 3 to solve the equation.  I could go on and on with variants on dynamic drills as there are many.  The main point is that dynamic drills engage your brain while you operate your firearm.  They range from simple to complex.

I am a big fan of dynamic drills so I keep a big marker with me to write all over my targets.  I usually bring my wife along to help me train and call out targets to engage.  This type of practice has made me a much better marksman, allowing my shooting technique to become second nature (muscle memory) and my brain to focus on situation analysis.  Dynamic drills are really fun and we use them often in our training lessons at Oregon Firearm Defense.

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