Shooting Tricks and Tips: Grip

Grip is an important factor among the fundamentals of shooting.  Having a solid firm hold on your firearm is key to keeping the sights on target, controlling recoil, and being prepared for follow-up shots.  Everyone’s grip technique is going to vary slightly depending on factors such as hand size and gun size.  Heck, my grip varies a lot depending on the firearm I am using or even what hand I am shooting with.  The main factor with grip is that it works for the individual.

When griping your firearm you want to have total control and confidence.  This does not mean that you need to use a death grip with every ounce of your effort, actually that can be counter productive causing fatigue and shaky hands.  You just need to be firm enough to let the firearm know who the boss is.

Some people may have smaller or weaker hands but that does not mean that they can not safely and confidently control their firearm.  With proper technique they will be in total control.  The less natural strength a person has in their grip the more important technique and hand exercises become.

I recommend using hand grips exercise devices to strengthen your grip.  They are only about $5 and work well to ensure your grip will be solid when shooting.  The hand grip devices come in various strengths from easy to very difficult.  I advise getting a pair and using them every other day for a simple quick hand work out.  Do 30 reps with each hand, then flip the grips upside down and repeat.  Next, squeeze the grips together and hold them shut for as long as you can, do this twice or three times per hand.  You will be surprised how much stronger your grip becomes in a couple of weeks.  This translates to better grip at the range with less effort.  You will better control recoil and improve your ability to hold sights on target.

Book your course at Oregon Firearm Defense and we will go over all the details of proper grip as part of your core fundamentals.  Until next time, keep shooting the bullseyes out of those targets!