M&P Shield 9mm $245 -Great Deal!

I have been seeing this deal floating around for the past week and it will continue through June 30th, 2017 so I figure it was worth letting you know.  Yes, Smith & Wesson has apparently produced too many pistols in anticipation of a Hillary election win.  Now they have created great rebates on their pistols and also lowered the starting price point.  They offer a model with a thumb safety and one without.  Check out the features of the M&P Shield 9mm:


The M&P 9mm is a solid pistol from the research I have done.  The overall consensus is that it is reliable and shoots well.  I would steer clear from the .40 and .45 caliber in this model as they are going to be much harder to control.  I paid $420 for the .40 cal Shield last year and I actually traded it in because it had FTF (failure to feed) issues, especially in winter time (temp below freezing), it also was difficult to get quick follow-up shots due to the snappy .40 cal round and thin grip.  After doing some research it appears that many other Shield .40 cal owners experienced a similar FTF issue and some had Smith & Wesson fix their pistols (to their credit, they have good customer service).  With that said, the 9mm version has no sign of the FTF issue and I am willing to believe Smith & Wesson designed the Shield series with 9mm chambering in mind.  The .40 cal was probably just a poor adaptation of the 9mm version, an after thought.  Another note, I have used the full size 9mm M&P pistol several times and it functions without error.

The 9mm Shield comes with a flush fitting 7 round magazine and a grip extending 8 round magazine.  The pistol is still small enough to conceal with the 8 round magazine.  With the 7 round magazine you could probably get away with fitting it in your pocket if you are a larger individual.  The width of this single stack pistol is only .95″.  The extremely thin width is good for concealment and comfort of carry, however my hands are XXL so it makes griping the pistol a bit awkward (just something to note).  Here is a photo that shows the width:


The Shield pistols are made in the USA and exhibit solid manufacturing, they are not cheaply thrown together.  The sights, barrel, and slide are all made of hardened steel.  The magazines are steel.  The frame is polymer and the trigger has a build in safety mechanism.  The trigger on my .40 cal shield was nothing to brag about but it was decent enough for a carry pistol.  The Shield series is not designed for distance target shooting but I was able to have solid groups and the pistol (like almost all modern pistols) is as accurate as the user.

In summary, if you don’t have a small concealable 9mm yet and are looking for something affordable and solid, this may be the time to shell out a few bucks.  Watch a few videos and see what 9mm Shield owners have to say (don’t just watch the Smith & Wesson promo vids).  The 8+1 round capacity is not record-setting but the pistol is small and 9 rounds of +P 9mm is nothing to scoff at.  Here is a link to the Palmetto State Armory page where they are selling the pistol for $245 after Smith & Wesson rebate:  Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm Deal 

After you get your Shield pistol or any new pistol, contact us at Oregon Firearm Defense for training lessons to get you up to speed on how to safely and effectively use your new tool.  Until next time, thanks for reading and keep shooting the bullseyes out of those targets!