Evolution Of The Marksman

Oregon Firearm Defense provides training for shooters looking to improve their skills.  No matter what your current skill level is you can improve upon your self and become a better marksman.  Where are you on the evolutionary scale of marksmanship?  Where do you want to be?  This is a quick guide to outline the evolutionary steps of marksmanship:

  1. Finding a firearm that fits your need and feels comfortable to use
  2. Building solid fundamentals of target shooting
  3. Being able to consistently put tight groups on paper
  4. Becoming efficient in assessing and clearing malfunctions
  5. Speeding up efficiency in target location and trigger manipulation
  6. Shooting with either hand and one-handed
  7. Forming the ability to place follow-up shots on target efficiently
  8. Making seamless transitions from target to target
  9. Ability to use cover, shoot from ground, and awkward positions
  10. Developing an efficient draw
  11. Becoming efficient in magazine changes
  12. Keeping steady while shooting under duress
  13. Being able to shoot while on the move
  14. Mastering the magazine change process one-handed with either hand
  15. Clearing malfunctions with one hand
  16. Being able to draw, shoot, and change magazines while moving
  17. Being able to efficiently perform all operations during dynamic drills
  18. Being able to perform all operations as second nature

Oregon Firearm Defense is here to aid you in your evolution as a marksman.  Contact us today and schedule your private training course.  Use the discount code America to get 20% off your lesson!