Glock 19: The ultimate pistol or hype?

The Glock 19 has been one of the most popular pistols on the market for a long time now.  Let’s take a look at why this pistol is so popular.

First let’s look at the vitals of the Glock 19 Gen 4:

  1. Glock officially lists the model 19 as “compact” with a barrel length of 4.02″ and an overall length of 7.28″.
  2. The model 19 boasts an ample magazine capacity of 15+1.
  3. It is chambered in the popular (and affordable) 9×19 caliber.
  4. The Gen 4 models come with 3 magazines and 4 additional back straps.
  5. Like all Glocks, it has 3 safeties while forgoing a manual thumb safety.
  6. It is relatively lightweight at 30.15 oz loaded.
  7. The trigger pull is set to 4.5 lbs from the factory and has a crisp reset point.
  8. The MOS version comes with slide plates pre drilled to fit most popular miniature reflex sights (red dot sights).
  9. Price $550, MOS version $610.

What makes this pistol so popular?  Well, the Glock model 19 is basically a do it all type of pistol.  The owner could easily use the 19 as a conceal carry weapon as it is compact in size & lightweight enough to comfortably carry.  The 19 also works as a bed side home defense pistol.  Loaded with +P+ 9mm hollow point ammo and a capacity of 15+1, the model 19 will certainly provide ample protection (115-grain +P+ 9mm rounds deliver 432 fpe traveling at a velocity of 1,300 fps; which is actually more powerful than a standard 230-grain .45 caliber bullet which generates 352 fpe at 830 fps).  The model 19 is also a fun pistol to use at the range for training and target shooting.  In short, the versatility and high-capacity of the Glock model 19 has to be one of its strongest selling points.

Additional factors that make the Glock 19 highly attractive:

  • ability to use Glock 17 -17 round magazines and also the Glock 18 -33 round super capacity magazine.
  • highly reliable with minimal moving parts, simple construction, simple operation.
  • works well with all types of ammo, even cheap steel cased rounds.
  • durability, the simple construction makes Glocks able to withstand a beating and keep operating, even if a Glock is filthy it will still work.
  • price is reasonable, when considering the 3 included magazines the price is actually on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • tons of holsters and accessories available.
  • low recoil, easy to shoot one handed with either hand.
  • Made In USA versions available.
  • Nitride treated cold-hammer-forged barrel (extremely durable).

Things that some owners do not like about the Glock 19:

  • slide release level could be a bit larger
  • magazine release could protrude slightly more
  • the sights are plastic
  • the trigger could be smoother
  • it costs more that $400

All factors taken into account, most of the complaints owners have are minor.  There are easy fix options to install a larger slide release, mag release, sights, and even triggers.  Most of the swap outs are relatively inexpensive.  Personally, I run my Glock 19 totally stock and I love it.  I don’t have any problem using the stock slide release, mag release, sights, or trigger.  After a lot of practice with the stock trigger I have grown comfortable with it and know it well, I like it.

Sight alignment with Glock stock sights is similar to that of their pistols; align top of sights, center front sight in rear; the aim is different though and I think it throws a lot of people off.  Most commonly with a standard 3 dot sight the shooter puts the front dot on the target directly.  With the Glock stock sight the aligned sight goes on the bottom of the target so the target sits on the shelf made by the top of the aligned sight.  This is a bit strange to get used to but it does allow the shooter to see the target while shooting, which can actually be an advantage.  Shooters who do not know this will commonly think their Glock “shoots high”.

A common thing I see online is comments that Glocks are ugly.  I don’t know if these are paid trolls from other firearm manufactures (lol) or what these people’s idea of a good-looking gun is.  I do know that I love the way Glocks look, their simplicity is wonderful and I have zero complaints about their aesthetic appeal (especially in one of the many Cerakote color offerings currently on the market).

Conclusion:  Yes the Glock 19 may very well be the ultimate pistol.  There is a lot of hype about it but it lives up to the hype.  If you are looking to buy your first pistol or first Glock, the model 19 is a winner.