Guns Are Evil & So Are Trucks, Knives, and Hammers (lol)

Media is constantly pushing to ban guns based on the narrative that guns are evil.  The ones who seek to disarm us claim that in a gun free society we will all be safer and live in a utopia of bliss.  Their logic is broken.  Their argument is flawed.  Guns are inanimate objects and can not be evil because they do not have emotions.  Only people can be evil.

Lets take a look at some facts.  Chicago has the most strict gun laws in the US and also the highest murder rate through gun violence.  Seems like criminals and evil people don’t care much about gun ban laws?  Interesting.  Around the globe, many recent terror attacks have been carried out with everyday tools such as kitchen knives, trucks, axes, chemicals, and box cutters.  By the logic of the media all the prior mentioned tools are EVIL and should be banned to make a utopian society…hmmmm seems impossible as this logic would eventually apply to pens, pencils, and any object that could be used to hurt someone (such as a 2″ x 4″ and a hammer, oh well, I guess we can’t build houses anymore, time to start working on that mud hut).

Fact is that evil people are going to do bad things with or without guns.  A maniac who is set on murder and destruction will find a way to accomplish his/her goal with or without guns.  Pushing for gun bans is not the answer to solving evil.  Evil is and always will be, it is a part of the fabric of creation.

Rather than ban guns, why don’t we arm all the good people and train them to use their guns in self-defense.  If all the good people have guns it will make a lot of the cowardly evil people second guess their plans.  If the good people have guns they can stop a threat before the evil person goes on to murder or hurt more people.  Examples such as the Orlando night club shooting (where an evil man killed dozens of people) show that, if one of the good people had a gun the situation could have been curtailed with a minimal loss of life.  Instead of killing nearly 50 people, maybe the bad guy gets only one or two before being stopped.  It is still a shame that people die due a despicable bastard but this is the reality of the world and the Omar “death to infidels” Mateens will find a way to kill even with a butter knife, a rope, or a sharpened piece of wood.

Instead of listening to the false narrative (fake news) pushing a gun ban agenda we need to face reality, there are evil people and banning guns only hurts good people.  We should reinstate constitutional carry and repeal all gun laws which are inherently a violation of our 2nd Amendment.

Guns are not evil, only people can be evil.