Q: Why invest in firearm training?

A:  Owning a firearm and shooting a few rounds down range once or twice per year does not constitute real training.  It may be fun but it is hardly adequate preparation.  Allow me to explain why you need quality firearm training courses:

  • Learning fundamental skills will help you progress much more quickly and train your body with proper muscle memory.  Instead of hoping you get better through trial and error while putting lead down range, learn proven techniques to instantly make you more accurate and efficient.
  • Build a solid foundation for PROPER practice, which makes all the difference for rapid development and long-term improvement.
  • Part of responsible firearm ownership is investing in quality training.  You spent hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars on your firearms, it only makes sense to invest a little more to know how to use them.
  • Owning a firearm and being able to safely use it to defend oneself are two separate issues.  Sure you own a sweet pistol but can you hit a target while on the move and under pressure?  Reality is that self-defense situations are dynamic and demand enhanced training.  Standing stationary and shooting a stationary target while taking four seconds to pull the trigger will probably not get the job done in real life.
  • Self defense situations often involve multiple attackers.  It is important to train to perform multiple shots on multiple targets efficiently.  Most bad guys are cowards and only act out their evil deeds when they have friends to help them.
  • Train with the proper mentality.  Coming out on top in a self-defense situation requires a specific attitude which needs to be developed.  Our training will help you get in touch with your inner warrior.
  • Sleep well with the confidence that you are prepared for any situation that may arise day or night.  Know that you will not be a victim but a victor.
  • We offer defensive training courses for all levels of shooters from first time to highly advanced.
  • Our courses are limited to three students per session.  We also offer private lessons to fit your schedule needs.
  • You can become great at shooting.

Q:  How much do courses cost?

A:  Our training is affordable with 5 hour courses priced at $125 and 2.5 hour courses priced at $65.  Private lessons are $150/5 hours and $85/2.5 hours.

Q:  Right on, where do I sign up for quality defensive firearm training?

A:  Browse over to http://www.oregonfirearmdefense.com and send us an email via the sign up page.  Browse the courses and select one that coincides with your starting level, we will get in contact with you soon.